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A Backyard Wedding In Collie, Southwest WA

Mystique & Gareth decided to have a little shindig to celebrate their love in their very own backyard. Walking around the property, Ben & I were in awe of all the little details they had put into making their wedding an amazing experience for their guests. Not only was the styling and decor beautifully done but combined with the vibrant pops of orange and red autumn leaves and the red bridge entering the driveway, this really was a photographers dream. Although we had initially planned to drive to nearby Wellington Dam for photos, we decided to utilise the amazing scenery that was (literally) on Mysti & Gareth's doorstep. And with "Best Dog" Bentley by their sides, it truly was a family affair!

Location - Collie, WA

Bride's Dress - Bridal By Aubrey Rose

Bridesmaids Dresses - JJ's House

Suits - Ed Harry

Hair - Iridescent Studio

Makeup - MF Makeup Artistry

Cake - The Little Bridge Baking Co.

Beer Float - Juniper Events

Catering - Two Queens

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